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Shalam Packaging is the leading firm in the Israeli plastics packaging industry, accredited with ISO 9002, Israeli standard 2002, HACCP standard-production of packaging containers for food, and IQNET-international standard of packaging containers for food products. 

Since its establishment in 1976, Shalam Packaging has offered the Israeli plastic market some of the most advanced plastic packaging technology. Shalam packaging introduced inmold labeling to Israel, and is implementing it in various fields for the Israeli market. 

The Caesarea plant, where our headquarters are located is 30 minutes from Tel-Aviv, the main business center, and 25 minutes away from Haifa port, which allows us to serve you with all logistical requirements. We have 2 100% fully computerized warehouses, that stores over 5500 pallets, which automatically issues daily stock reports.

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Our brand new production facility holds all your needs under one roof.