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This special lid allows the use of our 2.5, 5, 6, 9 liter buckets for packaging wet-wipes for jumbo packs, together with the i.m.l decoration it is a perfect solution for mass packaging.

This gap is optional on our 10 and 25 liter buckets is giving the user a better grip of the bucket.

This 5 liter oval bucket combined with the p.p net is a solution for d.i.y paint users, it has a space for adding water into the paint, plus a net suitable for a roller use. The wide facing bucket plus the i.m.l decoration we offer will give your product an edge on the shelf.

Seal-proof is a must for food packaging and is suggested for other packaging needs as well. This feature is available on most of our bucket line.

This cap installed in the lid is a feature used for buckets in the paint industry that are being used for tinting machines. Allowing the user to avoid opening the lid while preparation of the mixture, you can receive this cap currently on our 10, 12, 18 liter buckets.

This net developed for the use of packing salted cheese, which float. This net keeps the cheese submerged. This feature is available on our 6 and 12 litter square buckets.